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"Business Entities Development Management: in the context of the challenges of the XXI century"

Dear colleagues!

The participants of the International scientific and practical conference «Economics and Management 2019: Prospects of Integration and Innovation Development» have the opportunity to publish the results of scientific research in the collective monograph:


"Business Entities Development Management: in the context of the challenges of the XXI century"


The materials of the monograph will be published as a separate book with assigned ISBN, UDC and LBC. Regardless of the number of authors one copy of the monograph will be given for one publication. Additional copies may be ordered in advance.


The following sections are planned in the monograph:

Section 1. Theoretical and methodological principles of economic systems functioning and management in modern economic conditions..

Section 2. Enterpreneurship development in Ukraine and the world: mechanisms, reality and prospects.

Section 3. Methods and tools to manage the business activities of business entities in a global competitive environment.

Section 4. Mechanisms of economic security formation of business entities in conditions of risk and uncertainty.

Section 5. Formation of an enterprise development strategy of Ukraine in the context of European integration challenges.

Section 6. Organization of financial and economic activity of business entities management.

Section 7. Conceptual foundations of enterprises innovative development in the modern globalization space.

Section 8. Problems of managing the competitiveness of business entities in a changing environment.



  • Submission of the materials for consideration by the organizing committee is until 25.03.2019.
  • The publication of the monograph is on 30.04.2019 – 16.05.2019.
  • Post delivery of the monograph to the authors (to the contact address given in the author’s application) is until 30.05.2019.


Requirements for the monograph materials submission

The materials will be accepted for publication only if they reflect the research results on the topics of the sections given above.

Materials of the monograph and supporting documents are to be sent as an attached file until 25.03.2019 via e-mail to the address 9729071@gmail.com. The full set of the following documents must be submitted:

  • The article formalized in accordance with the requirements (see below). Name of the file: stattya_Ivanov.doc.
  • A file with the abstract and keywords in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English), formalized according to the requirements and patterns (see below). Name of the file: anotaciya_Ivanov.doc.
  • Scanned review of the article by Doctor of Economic Sciences (if there is no co-author with the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences). Name of the file: recenziya_Ivanov.
  • Information details about the author in a separate file in accordance with the form (given below). Name of the file: vidomosti_Ivanov.doc.

In the subject line it must be specified “Article to the monograph and surname of the first author” (eg., < Article to a monograph – Ivanov A.V. >).


Within two working days the authors will receive a confirmation which is sent as a notification via e-mail.

If there is no message, please, duplicate the letter, or find out by the phone for more information (on working days from 9.00 to 17.00): +38 (067) 972-90-71, responsible person is Bila Kateryna.

The Publishing House and the Organizing Committee reserves the right to motivated rejection of the materials.

If it is necessary, the authors carry out a correction (in case of severe inconsistencies with the rules) or the article will be rejected.

After the decision about acceptance / rejection of the article to the monograph, the notification is sent to the author with details and the amount to be paid.

The author sends a copy of the payment receipt, and also the information about the number of extra paid additional copies.

After printing the monograph the Publishing House mails a notification to the authors, and sends the monograph to the address given by the authors (by a registered letter), as well as to the scientific and technical libraries of Ukraine.


General requirements to forma the monograph materials


The article may have maximum three co-authors.

Text of the article must include the results of original research of the author/authors.

Materials for publication may be submitted in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The reference to the source (in brackets) is necessary while quoting.

Nota bene! The works with large number of errors that do not meet the above requirements for the monograph will not be accepted and will not be returned. The reliability of facts, quotations, titles, and other information is the author’s responsibility.


Requirements to form the text

  • The article volume is not less than 10 pages A4. Text editor is Microsoft Word for Windows.
  • Margins: all 20 mm.
  • Font: Times New Roman 14, line spacing is 1,5, indent is 10 mm.

Figures, graphs, charts, tables, schemes are made using tools of Microsoft Word, with centre alignment, typing font is Times New Roman 12, line spacing is 1. All tables and figures must be named. Name and number of figures must be indicated in bold below the figure (Figure 1. Name), name and number of tables are above the tables (Table 1. Name). Tables, charts, figures, formulas, graphs should not go beyond the specified fields. References in the text to figures and tables must be given as follows: as shown in Fig. 1, in Table. 1.

Graphs, charts, tables are created using black and white scales. It’s not permitted to use scanned pictures and tables, colour and background.

  • Formulas, symbols, variables that occur in the text should be typed as Microsoft Equation objects and numbered in parentheses to the right.
  • References list is necessary. Bibliographic description of the source is made according to DSTU GOST 7.1:2006. in alphabetical order. References to literature in the text must be made in brackets, for example [7, p. 5].

References should contain information on the sources available to readers and to be given in accordance with applicable standards. You may see some examples of references formalization online www.confcontact.com.

It is obligatory to use foreign sources as well as scientific papers over the past three years!


Cost of publication

The cost of publication is 65 UAH for one full page of A4 paper. The cost of one additional copy of the monograph is 200 UAH. The payment must be made to the current bank account.

Payment details will be sent to the author only after a positive review of his scientific work and its inclusion into the collective monograph.

A copy of the payment receipt, which confirms money transfer, is to be sent with the monograph materials and information about the authors by e-mail.





Ivanov Ivan




{{text of the article comprising: relevance of the problem, analyzing the latest research, the purpose of the work, statement of the main results, conclusions and recommendations for the further research in this area}}



  1. Atkinson А. Lectures on economic theory of public sector / А. Аtkinson, D. Stiglitz. – М. : Аspect-Press, 1995. – 669 p.
  2. Болтинова О. Стадии бюджетного процесса в зарубежных странах / О. Болтинова. – М. : Профобразование, 2002. – 96 с.
  3. Егоров Д. Г. Моделирование процессов самоорганизации финансовых систем / Д. Г. Егоров // Финансы и кредит. – 2006. – № 36. – С. 19–25.
  4. Закон України «Про Національний Банк України» [Електронний ресурс]. – Режим доступу : http://www.rada.gov.ua




(with information about the reviewer;

if there is no co-author with the degree of Doctor of Sciences in Economics)


УДК 230.111:330.1


Grabchiuk Оksana М.,

Doctor of Economics, professor, Head of the department of Finance

Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Ukraine


Kutsenko Volodymyr Y.




Автором відновлено сутність економіки, сталого розвитку з духовно-моральної точки зору, розглянуто втілення істинних шляхів його розбудови в Україні з метою забезпечення гармонійного, життєдайного домоустрію суспільства, економіки та довкілля.

Ключові слова: концепція сталого розвитку, місія господарювання, принципи, показники розвитку.

Автором восстановлена сущность экономики, устойчивого развития с морально-духовной точки зрения, рассмотрено воплощение истинных путей его становления в Украине с целью обеспечения гармоничного, животворного домоустройства общества, экономики и окружающей среды.

Ключевые слова: концепция устойчивого развития, миссия хозяйствования, принципы, показатели развития.

The essence of economy and sustainable development from the moral and spiritual points of view have been restored; the manifestation of the true ways for sustainable development realization in Ukraine has been considered to ensure a harmonious, life-giving housekeeping of society, economy and environment.

Keywords: concept of sustainable development, mission of economy, principles, indicators of development.





(without information about the reviewer;

if there is a co-author with the degree of Doctor of Sciences in Economics)



УДК 330.341.1

Grynko Tetiana V., Yefimova Svitlana




Досліджено проблеми управління інноваційним потенціалом промислового підприємства, та розглянуто етап управління інноваційною активністю на підприємстві. Авторами запропоновано рекомендації щодо оцінки інноваційного потенціалу.

Ключові слова: інноваційний потенціал, інноваційна активність, сталий розвиток, підприємство.

Исследуются проблемы управления инновационным потенциалом промышленного предприятия и рассматриваются этапи управления инновационной активностью на предприя­тии. Авторами предложены методические рекомендации по оценке инновационного потенциала.

Ключевые слова: инновационный потенциал, инновационная активность, устойчивое развитие, предприятие.

The problems of innovation potential management in an industrial enterprise are investigated. It is considered the stages to manage the enterprise innovation activities. The authors offered methodical recommendations about the estimation of innovation potential.

Keywords: innovative potential, innovation activity, sustainable development, enterprise.




Author’s information

for the participation in the collective monograph:

"Business Entities Development Management: in the context of the challenges of the XXI century"


Full name of the participant


Academic degree, academic title, position, institution (organization, educational institution) in the given format (see column on the right)

Candidate of Sciences in Economics, associate professor of the department of economic cybernetics, Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy, Ukraine

Name of the paper


Section №


Post address

(for the monograph delivery)

in the given format (see column on the right)

Full name of the recipient

Street, house №, apartments №


Post Index (ZIP code)

Necessity for additional monograph copies (specify the quantity)


The post address for sending additional copies of the monograph

Full name of the recipient

Street, house №, apartments №


Post Index (ZIP code)



Telephone number (cellular, home, work)


Date of completion



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